Adequate ventilation

During the cold months keep your home ventilated using only the windows that open fully (approx. 10 minutes a few times a day). During this time avoid ventilation via the tilting windows, as this cools down the adjacent areas and can cause condensation. Observing just a few simple rules often helps to avoid problems:


External walls

Furniture should be placed at least 5cm away from the wall.

Bathrooms and kitchens without windows
Check that mechanical or electrical ventilation systems are working properly, and clean them, including filters (if any), regularly. After a bath or shower, be sure to leave electrical exhaust fans (if fitted) running for a suitable period (at least 15 mins.).


Bathrooms in general

After a bath or shower, dry the tiled walls using a squeegee or cloth.



If there is moisture around the panes of insulated glass windows, the humidity in your home is too high. Increase ventilation until the moisture disappears from the windows. Check the humidity using a hygrometer. The optimal relative humidity is around 50%



Treating spots of mould will only be effective in the long term if you reduce the moisture in your home by keeping it appropriately ventilated and heated. In any case, if you have trouble with this or anything similar, please contact us.


And one very important tip:

A thorough airing

Once or twice a day open the windows in your rooms fully for five or ten minutes to replace the warm, moist air with cool, dry air from outside – this is the best way to prevent damp, mouldy walls.