Holiday checklist

Planning on going on holiday?


Before leaving, you should take some steps to protect yourself against break-ins and other damage to your home.


  • Ignore the holiday tips on social media networks or on your voicemail.
  • If you can, leave your contact details with a neighbour or someone else you know. That way you can be reached in the event of an emergency – such as a burst pipe.
  • Ask neighbours or friends to empty your letterbox, or perhaps keep an eye on your home to make sure that everything’s OK, and water your plants.
  • Before leaving, turn off all the taps and close all the doors and windows.
  • To minimise the risk of a lightning strike, all devices should be unplugged, leaving nothing on stand-by. Make sure, though, that you leave the main power switch on – otherwise your fridge and freezer will be switched off.


Have a good holiday!