Stefan Claus

Born in Berlin in 1976, Stefan Claus studied Business Studies at the universities of Passau and Toulouse. His professional career began in 2003 with the management consultants, Radtke & Associates, for whom he advised housing developers on strategic and organisational matters.


Since 2006 he has assumed various roles within the CLAUS Group and, as the Managing Director of various companies, has gradually built up and expanded the CLAUS Group service portfolio.

His responsibilities within the family-owned group of companies have included property management. Under his direction, and following an extensive optimisation of management processes, several major residential property projects were helped out of a difficult financial situation. In the process, Mr. Claus developed new controlling and coordination measures which form the basis for the group’s success in property management today



Alexandra Stubbe

Born in Berlin in 1972, Alexandra Stubbe, has been specialising mainly in project development and management since completing her training as a real estate agent in 1994, as well as in asset management.

From 2004 to 2015, in her managerial role at Tattersall·Lorenz Immobilienverwaltung und -management GmbH (Property Administration and Management Ltd.), she was in charge of the management of industrial properties nationwide. Here the focus was primarily on offering exclusive advice to institutional investors in relation to the management of specialised properties.

Since 2015 Ms. Stubbe has been Managing Director of CLAUS Immobilienmanagement GmbH.